Meeting was called to order by President Don Dreese @ 20:12

A quorum was establish by Secretary Melissa Garinger

Secretary report:  read and accepted filed on the zip drive

Treasurer’s report:  Victoria Fleming gave the treasurers report.  It was filed on the zip drive.  It was decided that a debit card should be acquired and kept by the treasurer and President.

President report:  Don Dreese reported that he wanted to see how the hospital would be implementing the new bill come July and get a survey out to the members for the next conference.

Committee reports:

Gapa: Tara Kruse reported the rules committees were finishing the drafts for the bill and it would be going out to the hospitals.  This is her last conference; she is leaving Oregon and going to PA school in New York.

Fundraising:  Victoria Fleming reported we would have a 50/50 raffle, drawings and raffle a Sunriver get away.

Communications:  Melissa Garinger reported the Facebook has been updated with it’s own name.  Sonia Lopez is keeping it updated.

AST is helping OAST to keep the web page updated, but we need someone to step up and be willing to help with this project.

We are also in need of someone to help with a newsletter at least once a year.

Old Business:

Student Scholarships will be awarded to all the students who summited there application. Taylor Dockins, Guillermo, Melissa Galindo, Liliya Fendich, Susan Marcoe and Alex Simpson

Scholarship for Nationals were awarded to Melissa Garinger, Don Dreese, Lindsey Grimes, Sonia Lopez and Nicole Skewes.  Lindsey declined the scholarship because she had won a scholarship from AST.

New Business

Fall Conference:  Will be held in Portland sometime in Oct.  Date to come.

Meeting adjourn: 9:33.

Melissa Garinger