Presidents Report (Don Dreese): Called to Order @ 1342
VP-James has moved to WA still on the Board elections next conference Spring 2019

Treasurer Report:

  • (Distributed 2018 Financial Report & 2018 Budget) Incorrect deposit ($119.24) has been corrected & documentation made and copy given to AST
  • Gave three national conference scholarship for 2018 total $1500
  • Letter mailed to all OAST members big expense ($425)
  • Webpage- Large expense $1484 but well worth it
  • Checking account currently $2500 ish
  • Still stating within Budget even with the extra expenses
  • Agreed to Keep website maintenance for at least the next couple years

Suzanne- brought up that we should consider having T-shirts/mugs for sale @ conference/online or for Pre-registered raffle

  • Last Conference we had 57 attendees and 1 student but 60 where registered.
  • Add link to our website on FSA for more information on those interested
  • Elected 3 BOD: Olga Ruban, Tatiana Phillips, Suzanne Bowen
  • Fall Conference @ Willamette falls currently 61 registered

Fundraising: 50/50 raffle, door prizes-gift cards, Victoria will work it

  • Will work on getting merchandise for future conference


  • Next conference March 16, 2019 @ Providence Portland point of contact Jennifer Gifford 7CEU she will find speakers
  • Person expressed interest in fall conference 2019 @ Astoria
  • The potential for Recruiters at future conferences

New Business:

  • New Logo for OAST- was brought up to do some kind of competition for OAST members $100 prize & Free Conference: ALL in Motion, Melissa, Sonia and Lindsey (all agreed)
  • If students come to fall conference the spring conference will be free-all voted yes
  • If you attend fall conference you get $10 off Spring conference- all voted yes

Attendance: Nicole S, Tia C, Olga R, Don D, Melissa G, Sonia L, Suzanne B, Lindsey H

Meeting adjourned 1455