President Don Dreese: Call to order 1527

Attending: James, Don, Melissa, Nicole Victoria, Lindsey, Sonia

President Report: No Report

Treasures Report (Melissa):

See 2017 Budget Report

Increase Scholarship amounts

$300 donated to woman’s shelter

Secretary Report:

AST changed procedure CEU must be mailed, pre-registration is very helpful


GAPA- Benched for now

Fundraising-  small Basket, 50/50

More for entertainment

Education: Fall 2018 10/13/18

Lori will talk to Darlene Anderson as a possible point person

Back up location at Silverton

Communication: Newsletter? Otis will work on Newsletter

  • Research- what is the best way to pass info to members? Hospital educators?
  • Spread the word more about facebook page

Old Business: See minutes 3/24/17

New Business:

Fall Conference 10/14/17 @ meridian Park

Spring Conference 3/3/18 @ Salem Hospital

OAST rules

Scholarship Forms students & nationals: Have nationals due before early bird sign up

Due date will be February 15

Add to scholarship that they will have to be a delegate and their responsibilities

$500 per person 6 delegates remaining funds will roll over to next year

National May 31st June 2

Issue Lori Haugen stepped down as VP James Scechulte Appointed by Don

All agreed

Meeting Adjured 1650 pm